Debt is an issue that those in all income brackets must contend with. Regardless of your income level, if you are struggling to make ends meet and have account balances that you cannot pay off. Then you may have a debt problem.

  • If you can’t pay your credit card in full each month, you may have a debt Issue. Using your credit card to pay for groceries and gas is fair since you can earn points or other benefits but it must be paid off each month.
  • If your credit card balances seem to increase from month to month, this is another sign that you may have an issue with debt. Everything from basic overspending on a regular basis to the high cost of vices and bad habits like smoking, eating at fast food restaurants and more may be contributing to your issue with debt.
  • If you rely on your line of credit to cover spending, you probably have a debt issue.
  • If you feel that you are living on borrowed money, You have a debt Issue.

Are you currently in one of these Stages of debt?

Denial– I am O.K.. Tomorrow I will come into money and pay these off.

Anger Angry at everyone who you think contributed to your debt situation. This may be yourself, the Creditors, economy, job, spouse, family, etc.

Depression – Getting calls from Collectors can be horrible, afraid to answer the door or your phone. Losing sleep, fighting with your spouse, all because of debt, there is no question that money troubles are one of the leading causes of stress and as a result, depression. The best remedy is to deal with it head on, look at all your options and implement a plan. We are professionals who understand and deal with people like you all the time. We have only one goal and that is to make your life easier and remove the stress. Again, deal with the problem early so that you have better options – start today.

My role is to help you face your debt – if you think you have money problems, you probably do. The earlier we deal with it, the better the solution to you.

Bargaining – Looking to the skies and hoping for a miracle. Good start but that may come only in the form of professional help – that starts here today right now.

Acceptance– Now you see your situation with clarity and realize that with help, and possibly some sacrifice, time, and dedication. You can avoid Bankruptcy and have a plan on how to become debt and worry free.

Resurrection and Rebirth– No harassing calls, no fear, no anxiety. You have a roadmap to where you want to be and how to get there. You also have On Your Side as a go to for advice and ongoing support. Life is good again, a new beginning.

Credit Score RebuildingOn Your Side has the leading Program to help clean up your Credit Bureau and get your Credit Score up. We can give you a specific target score and time-frame so you know when you will be able to get that car or mortgage at the preferred rate. This can save you thousands of dollars. See our Credit Repair Program Tab.